portfolio : traditional taekwon-do center at a glance


ADULT TAEKWON-DO   Designed for students 13 years and older
$115 / month  
JUNIOR TAEKWON-DO   Designed for students from ages 8 through 12 years.
$100 / month  
CHILDREN TAEKWON-DO   Designed for students ages 5 through 7 years.
$75 / month  
ADULT FITNESS*   Brought to our center as a natural extension of our
$8 / session   Martial Arts program.
or $40 / month
$65 / session   Private Adult Session - When Available ONLY


* included as part of the Adult Taekwon-Do program


CHILDREN & ADULT JUDO is also offered at the Traditional Taekwon-Do Center, presented by Bronx Judo.

General Information

If you have any questions regarding the following information, please speak to Master Luciano during your next visit to the Traditional Taekwon-Do Center or contact him via email at masterrluciano@gmail.com.

  • The tuition amount paid must correspond to the program attended regardless of the student's age. Students may be participating in a program outside of their age group with permission only.
  • Tuition payments are due on the first class attended in the month and may be paid by cash, check or via PayPal online.
  • Student membership is on a month-to-month basis.  No long-term contracts required.
  • There are no refunds for missed or cancelled classes.
  • All checks returned by the bank will be charged a $20 service fee.
  • Tuition for a single family residing at the same address will not exceed $245 per month.
  • Students are encouraged to be consistent with their training from month-to-month.  This shows discipline, commitment, and respect toward one's training.  Students who let their membership lapse by either missing class for an entire calendar month or by not making a tuition payment in any calendar month without prior notice to the Traditional Taekwon-Do Center must obtain permission from Master Luciano to reinstate their active membership and restart their training. 
  • Rank promotions are never guaranteed.  Students must earn the right to test for rank and pay a separate examination fee submitted with a rank promotion application prior to their examination date.  A $50 fee is charged for each examination (except Black Belt).  Students will not be charged for re-examination if required.  There is no refund for a failed or missed examination.


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